NNR017 - EP - L.M.O. - Astral Manipulator

January 29, 2020

Nocturne Noises Records proudly announce another Dark Psychedelic masterpiece from L.M.O. A powerful EP with 4 songs who bring us the classic Dark Psy felling, with a strong message coming from our spiritual guardians, Exu and Pomba-Gira. A power who give and take when its necessary, guardians who are always on our side, looking for our evolution as human being, evolving to the Cosmic Unit.


NNR016 - V.A. Underground Resistance

With a collection of 18 artists, we hope to carry our message to every corner of the world in the vibrations of our songs, songs that often bring the strength to resist and especially the strength to stand against the negativity in our world. With intense strength and psychedelia, this compilation has come to convey to all our unity and, above all, to show the world our musical identity.


NNR015 - Rodeo - Ojo Ti Mo Pade Nyim

Nocturne Noises is proud to release the debut release from Rodeo, a new project from Brasilia, formed by Pedro Albuquerq also know as Ozymandias. Rodeo has a extremelly dynamic music, who breaks all concepts about the usual Dark Psytrance composing. A style that haves a strong identity, a unique musical feeling that makes us remember the "Suomi Saundi" style, but with a new structure. For some of us here at Nocturne Noises, this release is a master-piece. Smart and dynamic music, those are the words who describe his music. A must for all serious psychedelic diggers around the globe.


NNR014 - Naga Baba - Light

Nocturne Noises is really happy to release another Dark Progressive bomb! This time, a enlighted release from Naga Baba, Light. Felipe Bernatoviz is the one behind this project and also, owner of a very interesting composing, imprevisible melodies and construction are his trademark. "Dinamic" is the key of his music and you can be sure, this release has more to say than you can imagine, Light can reach any dark place.


NNR013 - Wolououis - After Death

Nocturne Noises is honored to release the debut EP of a new project from one of the pionners in the Brazilian Dark Psychedelic music: Wolououis! Also know as Luiz Fernando Secchinatto, Wolououis displays every sound impression locked over a decade and now, the project is ready to show us his thoughts and concepts. Psychedelic music not recomended for fainted hearts, this release is a must for every "Psychedelic Digger" around the world. 


NNR012 - Ikpeng - Back To The Roots

Nocturne Noises proudly announce the new EP from one of the Pioneer Dark Psychedelic projects from Brazil, Ikpeng! After a while in standby, Ikpeng is back introducing to us 4 new songs showing us what is comming from this project. Thadeu Carvalho and Bernard Carvalho still keeping strong the psychedelic vibes from Ikpeng, bring its roots translated to psychedelic tunes with intense compositions. 


NNR011 - EP - Aeris - Draco Nidum

Nocturne Noises proudly announce the debut EP from Aeris! A project created by Aléxia Lustosa, Aeris in this release bring us her visions about the transformation and the self knowledgement translated to the Psychedelic Music. 'Draco Nidum' show us the archetype of the Dragon, a symbol of the understandment and the control of the 4 nature elements. A symbol that also show us the transformation of all human being, elevating himself and controlling the inner fears. Aeris show us all this in 3 songs that goes in a transition momment, flowing from the Forest Music until the Dark Psychedelic, concepting the eternal transformation of us. 


NNR010 - EP - Piramidal - Great Spirit

Nocturne Noises proudly announce the debut EP from Aruã Dhelomme, also know as Piramidal. "Great Spirit" is the essence that live inside each one of us, a force that comes to help us to pass trought hard ages, telling us our divine source to reach our innerself and be a light point in this earth. With 3 songs that spread really positive vibrations, Piramidal show us his view of the spiriuality, with influences of the Jungle People who drink Ayahuaska. All this translated to the Dark Psychedelic language with lots of influences of the Forest Music. Again, music with fellings, oriented to people who has something to learn and to spread around the globe. 


NNR009 - V.A. Cestrum Nocturnum

Looking for the best of psychedelic music, Nocturne Noises presents this compilation who has a story to tell, subtly whispering bettew the textures of the songs composed by those artists who joined this odyssey. Cestrum Nocturnum is the scientific name of a flower called in Brazil as "Dama da Noite". This flower only spreads its smells at night, a very peculiar and pleasant smell as the sensation provided by those songs in a appropriated place to experience this music. 


NNR008 - L.M.O. - Spirits Do Not Rest

Nocturne Noises proudly announce the first EP from the project L.M.O. Guilherme Trajano is the person behind this project, a producer who is returning after 8 years in standby. "Spirits Do Not Rest" is a tribute to the guardians spirits, maintainers of the universal law. Using his nocturnal power, L.M.O. brings to the listener a astral projection sensation with psychedelic fellings translated in 4 blasting songs who promisses to show us the real deal of Dark Psychedelic.


NNR007 - EP - Baphomet Engine & Demonizz - The Hippie Collapse

When two pioneers from Brazilian Dark Psychedelic music meets, all things collapse! Nocturne Noises proudly presents "The Hippie Collapse". Baphomet Engine and Demonizz show us the majestic fusion of their styles, bringing us 4 extremelly intense songs, 4 collaborations to show us what is a fine composition in the Dark Psychedelic style.


NNR006 - EP - Histereogenik - Self Discovering Dark Side

We are pleased to announce our first Dark Progressive release!

Humberto Nacif is the composer of this subtle and intense project that is Histereogenik. Featuring 3 stages of introspection, "Self Discovering Dark Side" invites us to recognize all our interior features with songs that are appropriately adapted to the musical language of Dark Progressive, along with a very peculiar taste. Histereogenik appears alongside the Psytrance scene with strong timbres and rhythmic, definitely, music for the mind, body and soul.


NNR005 - EP - LogicUFO - Guiding Souls

Nocturne Noises is pleased to announce its first High Tech release!

Now its time to get High, High with blasting music comming from LogicUFO. Project created by Pedro Perez, LogicUFO introduce to us a very dynamic music, a new experience in the High Tech style, doing a bridge between the Psychedelic and the Concrete. Music not recomended for fainted hearts, LogicUFO comes to blast the dance-floors around the globe!


NNR004 - EP - Metatron - Nocturne Buddies

Nocturne Noises strike fast and smooth, in the swamps, in the forest, in the skys! Metatron is the name and in this EP, João Cambrai bring us 4 songs composed in collaboration with 4 nocturne buddies. Surelly people can expect a massive psychedelic Forest Music, to shake the bodies and the souls, to bring back the Forest felling into our hearts. Again, strong music showing us the best of Brasilia's Psychedelic scene.


NNR003 - EP - Bash - Marsanto Soleca

Nocturne Noises strikes back with the new release from one of the pioneers of the Brazilian's Dark Psychedelic, Bash. Andreh Torres continues his unique psychedelic style in a new release that promise show his concept and felling about Psychedelic Music and as usual, rocking minds and hearts in especial way.


NNR002 - EP - Aquarius Orb - New Scientific Formation

Nocturne Noises proudly announce the debut EP from Aquarius Orb: New Scientific Formation. Victor Luciano is the one who controls those Orbs and share his psychedelia. Being part of the new generation of producers from Brasilia, Aquarius Orb comes with a unique style and plenty of quality over his songs. Surelly will be a blast in the dance floors around the globe. Stay tunned for this one!


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